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SOLI Chamber Ensemble: Música, Por Un Tiempo


Albany Records (Troy 1505)

Featuring Crows for clarinet, violin, cello, piano

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SOLI Chamber Ensemble - Musica Por Un Tiempo
SOLI Chamber Ensemble - Musica Por Un Tiempo




Luminoso CD cover

Innova Recordings (Innova 662)
features six vibrant compositions for solo instrument with electronics
Recommended by Alex Ross, music critic of The New Yorker

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Alexandra Gardner - Luminoso
Alexandra Gardner - Luminoso



Time Out New York | Steve Smith
"The hardware and software Gardner employs on Luminoso respond to her commands like a pianist’s Steinway or a fiddler’s Strad; her electronic elements seem to move with the same volition and flexibility as her human collaborators. Even so, nothing meanders: Each work on Luminoso has a shape, a momentum and a destination."
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The Rambler | Tim Rutherford-Johnson
"Alexandra Gardner’s Luminoso is an album of warm light and cool evening breezes… The strength of Gardner’s often spellbinding music on this CD is its thoughtful composition…"
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Jennifer Choi: Violectrica


Featuring electric blue pantsuit for amplified violin and computer sound






Julian Elvira, Obres per a flauta i electrónica

Julian Elvira: Obres per a flauta i electrónica

Ars harmonica #AH212

Featuring New Skin for alto flute and electronics

Julian Elvira - Obres per a flauta i electronica





Carlos Gil Ferrer, Obres per a trombó i electrónica

Carlos Gil Ferrer: Obres per a trombo i electronica

Ars harmonica #AH192

Featuring Snapdragon for trombone and sampled sounds

Carlos Gil Ferrer - Obres per a trombo i electronica





MARBLEHEAD: electronic music 1990-2000


Marblehead features seven electronic pieces composed between 1990 and 2000. Included on the CD are Marblehead for sampled toy marbles on tape, the thunderstorm meditation Sleeping Weather, Shifting Sands, Waterbourne, Framework, Picking Up and Excavation. Several of these compositions were originally created for modern dance, commissioned by choreographers Sharon Mansur, Nancy Havlik and Daniel Burkholder.

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